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I'm just an ordinary man (Family man) expressing some personal thoughts. I know we people are curious and want to read and see amazing things and details of other's life to feed our anxious and sometimes boring life, but in different stages of life, let's say approximately each decade we experience big life changes, at first we want to grow big and get old, normally we want and expect different things in our life; for instance if we are babies we only need mom's attentions and cares we fare and feel insecure, while Childs we hate school and always want to play under mom's umbrella, while we are adolescents we keep in school but we always think in girls and long for our sex dreams to come true, as young men we still at training but we want to have fun as much as possible, later on as adults we want a wife, our own family, build the house of our dreams, a nice car, etcetera. We live our life around our children for a long time, we long for the good times to last, suddenly and unnoticeably we start getting old and want to rewind the tape of time, some of us will try to cover our wrinkles, change color of hair, reminisce for the good old times, expecting for something new to come or happen but sadly we find ourselves immersed in thoughts of what it could happen if we did things differently or better perhaps...but unfortunately there is no reverse in life for those who made the big mistakes and here comes the regret of actions of something that we cannot change. We have to learn to from that and afterwards we have to live and enjoy every minute of it until the very last moment. Let's try to live happy in our own way and face the end with serenity, after all that's what is all about.

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